What is Clinical Canine Massage?


This unique, strong, manipulative Remedial Massage for dogs works by releasing tight, sore muscles, removing debilitating ‘Knots’ or Trigger Points that cause referred pain and helps rehabilitate injuries by breaking down restrictive scar tissue caused by daily activities that may be responsible for your dogs discomfort.


It can help to resolve many day to day mobility issues whether they have suddenly come on or have been there for while, getting your dog therapeutically treated by a Member of the Canine Massage Guild is a must for any dog owner concerned with their dogs mobility and health, it can help give you answers for what you are seeing with your dog and importantly then do something about it with an hour of hands on therapy.


We aim to give your dog results in just 1-3 sessions.


It’s also natural form of pain relief that can help to resolve soft tissue or muscular problems and helps support orthopaedic issues like Arthritis and Hip Dysplasia with tangible results. 

Results You Can See & Your Dog Can Feel!